An Invite to AAMI’s Annual Conference in Tampa - June 3-6, 2016

Dear BAAMI Members,

In just some weeks, AAMI is coming to you. The AAMI Annual Conference & Expo will be in Tampa from June 3-6. On behalf of AAMI’s leadership, I’m writing to formally invite you to attend!

The AAMI Conference is the premier event for healthcare technology management; and attracts more than 1,500 clinical and biomedical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians, and other professionals who manage healthcare technology.

June’s conference will include:

·         More than 50 educational sessions that offer attendees best practices and practical tips on technology trends, ways to contain costs, and improve patient safety.  Sessions range from technology acquisitions and budget planning to device hazards and medical device inventory.

·         Special sessions with George Mills from the Joint Commission, who will provide up-to-date information and guidance and answer your questions,

·         Access to more than 200 medical device manufacturers including many of the world’s leading companies and service providers, and

·         Several networking opportunities to meet leaders in the field, to share ideas, and learn from best practices

At the conference, you’ll also be able to pick up a lot of complimentary resources and publications about healthcare technology and career guidance.

As a member of BAAMI/FBS, you also eligible to receive a $200 discount off the regular non-member registration rate. You can register easily today at this link. Or you can find more information about the conference at this link.


BAAMI/FBS members who attend will also be receiving invitations to several social events in the coming weeks too. We hope to see a strong contingent of BAAMI/FBS members in Tampa!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me –


Best regards,


Steve Campbell

Chief Operating Officer
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