BAAMI members recognized during the MD EXPO Show in Orlando

We want to congratulate the following BAAMI members that represented us during the MD Expo Show in Orlando from Oct 5-7, 2017:


  • Jeremy Davis, (VA Bay Pines) who was selected as "2017 BAAMI Biomed of the Year" and nominated for the Florida Biomedical Society "2017 BMET of the year".
  • Alberto Perez, BMET 3 (Baycare) who won the "Professional of the year Award" from Technation Magazine.
  • Lourdes González, (Baycare) who won the "Kevin Joyce Scholarship" from the Florida Biomedical Society.

We feel very proud of all of you for your dedication and excellence in the HTM Field.




Carlos R. Villafañe, CBET, BMET III
Bay Area Association of Medical Instrumentation


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